Members, Friends and St. Pauli fans…

Thanks to your support, we are delighted to announce that we have selected a charity to partner with for the coming season.

We would like to welcome Heart and Parcel to our family.

Heart and Parcel

Heart and Parcel are a grassroots charity who support migrant women in Manchester, helping them to integrate into the community through cooking dumplings. This simple act helps build bonds of friendship, acceptance and develop English skills.

They run ESOL (English as Second Language) classes alongside their cookery lessons as a direct reaction to the government cutting funding, and openly challenge the idea that migrant women are “a problem that needs to be fixed.”

To mark the start of our friendship, we are pleased to be able to send them an initial donation of £350, using the money we’ve raised from your membership fees and our merch sales. We look forward to seeing what our support over the next 12 months can do for Heart and Parcel, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring some of their delicious dumplings to our screenings.

For more information on them, head to:

Thank you for your contributions and support. We look forward to an exciting season on the field for FCSP, and off the field and in our community at MSP.

See you at a screening soon.

Love and thanks,
Manchester St. Pauli