Our Constitution

Manchester St. Pauli (MSP) is an official fan club of the German football club FC St. Pauli and, as such, we commit to the club’s principles. We actively choose to do this, but we are also mandated to do so in the rules that govern all official fan clubs. We stand against any form of discrimination including, but not limited to: sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, age discrimination and ableism.

To encourage a positive and supportive environment for everyone and to prevent discrimination, we operate the following safe spaces policy and we expect all MSP members to read it and abide by it. We also ask non-MSP members attending MSP events to abide by the policy.

A Commitment To Safe Spaces

All MSP events, including screenings of FC St. Pauli matches, are run on the insistence that all attendees will be respectful and thoughtful to all other attendees, participants and organisers. This means no individual should be made to feel uncomfortable or oppressed by any other individual’s or group’s opinions or actions. Our aim is to be inclusive and to encourage people of all backgrounds to join us to watch football; participate in community or charity work; participate in football tournaments as a Manchester St. Pauli player; and attend other MSP organised events.

In particular, please think carefully about language used, for example try to use gender neutral terms and don’t make default assumptions about people, for example that someone is straight, has a particular religious belief, eats meat or drinks alcohol.

Please do not assume that, because someone has a particular characteristic, assumptions can be made that they will have certain other ‘associated’ characteristics. For example, there are many gender ‘roles’ that society assumes each of us to have – so if you perceive someone to be male, do not make other assumptions about them based on their gender. These types of assumptions based on any characteristic (be it sexuality, gender or gender identity, race, religion or belief, nationality, disability, age) are not in line with our progressive philosophy and will not be tolerated.

This policy applies more widely than MSP events and includes behaviours on social media, both as an individual or representative of MSP. The policy must be adhered to if someone is representing MSP in any way (at an event, in person at a match in Germany or anywhere else, on social media, at another St. Pauli fan club). A violation of this policy when representing MSP will not be tolerated. Similarly, if a member or someone who sometimes attends events is found to have opinions or idealisms that contravene this policy, for example through tweets or FB posts, they will be asked not to attend events in the future and members will have their membership revoked.

Harassment, hostility, discrimination, and aggression will not be tolerated in any form and if we feel that you have overstepped these boundaries, we will challenge this. We ask that all MSP members and everyone taking part in our events are open to suggestions about their behaviour, but if anyone seriously violates this policy, they will be asked to leave. Continued violations will result in people being asked not to attend any further events. If anyone experiences discomfort or concern about something that occurs, we encourage you to make the organisers aware in whatever way you feel best. We also want to empower people to challenge any inappropriate behaviour themselves if they feel comfortable doing so. We will take any reports of such behaviour or language seriously and you will have our support.

Thank you for helping to make Manchester St. Pauli a welcoming, inclusive, progressive environment.

Our Online Store

M.S.P is entirely not for profit. £2 from every membership goes directly to our charity partner for that year, the rest into our organisational costs (website running, merchandise designing, Fanclubsprecherrat registration). All money made from our merchandise helps donate to charities and worthwhile causes in Manchester and beyond. We will publicise our donations on our social media platforms when we make them, not to brag, but to show you who your money has helped. Any member is welcome to suggest causes they feel may benefit from our assistance. Please speak to a committee member or drop us an email/social media message.

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