It’s back – our December Raffle returns after a year off (yes we were very disorganised).

And this year, we have a prize a day for you to win.

A Prize a Day?

We’ve combined all the fun of an advent calendar with the excitement of a raffle. Each day we’ll open a door and someone will win a prize, ranging from stickers, to a Sail on the Alster courtesy of our friends at St. Pauli Segeln.

Our main prize this year is a “Four Horsemen” print from artist WeFail.

What are the rules?

1 – A prize has been allocated to each day in December, and will be won that day (insert excited audience gasps)
2 – A mini raffle is held each evening at (very) approx 7pm depending on work, hangovers, whose turn it is to make tea. On St Pauli match-days, the draw will be at half time as a break from the abject misery.
3 – Each ticket entitles the holder to a single entry in that day’s mini raffle, the more tickets you have, the more entries you get.
4 – If a ticket does not win a prize that day, it will be entered into the next day’s mini raffle. This will continue each day until the ticket wins a prize, or all the prizes have been won.
5 – If a ticket wins a prize the ticket will not be rolled into the next day’s mini raffle, however it will be valid for the large raffle on Christmas Day.
6 – All tickets, winning or not, get an entry into the big Christmas Day raffle (we’ve raided Barry’s office for stuff, it’s niiiiiice).
7 – Essentially this means that the earlier you get the ticket the more chances you have of winning, although we have left many of the flashier prizes until later in December.
8 – The winning tickets for each raffle is drawn at random. The results are final. No swapsies, bagsies, or grumbling.
9 – If you are already a paid-up member of Manchester St Pauli for this year, you get one free entry into the raffle. But it’d be dead good if you bought a couple too…
10 – All money raised by the raffle will go to our chosen charity (not Dave), Homeless Aid.

Amazing – How Do I Enter?

Buy a ticket for £3 from our shop. We’ll employ our random number generator each day and announce winners on Twitter (and contact by email).

Buy a ticket →

In classic raffle fashion, the more tickets you buy, the more chance you have to win.