MSP in 2018 – a retrospective

Dear friends

WOW. What a year it has been!

First of all, thank you for being part of it.

When we started in 2017, we had a vision for MSP – how we wanted the group to look and to act. We had a goal of spreading the St. Pauli word and ethos in Manchester, taking inspiration from Yorkshire St. Pauli, Glasgow St. Pauli, and similar groups around the world. We’re pleased to say: mission accomplished! (Well, we think so, anyway!)

One great example of this was when over 60 people joined us for the screening of the Stadtderby, meaning the Seven Oaks had to put it on downstairs as well as up. Amazing.

To those of you who’ve joined us at screenings, thank you for making them so enjoyable. You’ve help create create a great atmosphere, and we’re pleased to have formed new friendships with so many of you.

Here’s a small list of things we are proud of this year:

  1. Over 60 of you have joined us on our journey as members.
  2. Our Christmas raffle last year raised over £600 for Mustard Tree.
  3. We have donated over £1,000 to charity, including £800 so far to Heart and Parcel, our chosen charity partner.
  4. Our online shop has seen merch travel around Europe and the world, raising money for great causes.
  5. We’ve found a regular home at the Seven Oaks.
  6. We’ve organised taking one of our members/regulars out for his first game at the Millerntor.
  7. We launched our “Football For All” project on a Sunday morning.
  8. This year’s Christmas raffle looks like raising over £800 for Heart and Parcel.

We couldn’t have done any of the above without you behind us, motivating us to work harder to spread the ethos and work on new ideas. We hope you’ve enjoyed 2018 with us, and would love to welcome you back in 2019.

Which leads us nicely on to…

2019 Membership

Our membership is now open for the coming year.

Join here →

As ever, for your £5 you get 10% off purchases in our shop, and £2 goes straight to our charity partner, currently Heart and Parcel, who do fantastic work helping migrant and refugee women settle into Manchester life.

We hope to see you soon, either at our Sunday football sessions or at a screening. Love and Forza Sankt Pauli!

The MSP team